from photographs:

8" X 10" - $150.00 (one person or pet, head and shoulders)
11" X 14" - 350.00 (one or two person/pet)

16" X 20" - 400.00 (one to three person/pet)

18" X 24" - 450.00 (one to three person/pet)

22" X 28" - 500.00 (one to three person/pet)

ask for quote on portrait with more than three people/pets or for finely detailed backgrounds

surface - museum grade archival sanded pastel board

medium - high quality pastels (no fixative is used as it diminishes the colors of the pigments)

shipping - rigid box container to protect until framed $10.00 first class shipping charge U.S. only. Contact for other location rates.

recommended - frame behind glass, no Plexiglas (Plexiglas has a magnetic tendency to make pastel particles stick to surface)

50% deposit required at beginning of project, total due on completion

Client's photo's may be combined or if local, artist can take new photos for an additional fee

All other works priced on a per job basis.

To request your own commissioned people or pet portrait, illustration or other work, e-mail Donna Pellegata at or in my studio @ 517-548-1082 and leave a message. I'll get back to you asap.
I love working on portraits with great expressions and out of the ordinary poses, people of all nationalities or pets of any kind. Feel confident in hiring me to create your highly expressive portraits of your favorite subjects! Contact me by clicking the revolving email link below and let's discuss what you have in mind.  ere to add text.
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